Our Clients

Our clients are the leading technology companies starting from smaller to large SMEs.

FirstRate Fx

With First Rate, they offer customers over 60 types of foreign currency under their own brand, in both digital and retail environments. They can also offer travel money cards, pre-loaded with multiple currencies and Mastercard®-branded for easy acceptance in 36 million locations worldwide.


Acute Art

Acute Art collaborates with the world’s leading contemporary artists, providing access to cutting-edge technologies that allow them to translate their creative vision into new digital mediums – including virtual, augmented, and mixed realities.


HITZone Hove

So you've heard about this place called HITZone Hove!

But you’re not quite sure exactly what HITZone is..." it's just another gym isn't it?"

It is simply the best solution for those of you who don’t like exercise, want to be fitter, healthier and happier, but are too busy, intimidated, or

unmotivated for regular gyms and programs.