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Mr. Kaan Torun is highly interested in computer systems and has a techie personality. He has always been highly motivated in creating and developing new things. His interest in computer systems began as a child. He and his friends are created a real time video recognition system as a term Project at Bilkent University. After his university life, he started to work at ILG Technologies in Ankara/Turkey where is an international company from 2007 and 2010.

Some of the important projects are in listed below:

  • Illinois Board of Admission to the Bar Web Applicant Project: The Admission Manager portion of the ILG Electronic Bar Admission Solution is the application processing module used by the admission staff to complete the entire processing of the application from start to finish

  • Tubitak Content Management System Project (CMS): The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey’s Content Management System

  • Turkish Ministry of Labour E-Learning/E-Bidding Portal


Mr. Kaan Torun had the opportunity to work in the same company but wanted to improve his skills in different area so that he started to work in EES (Integrated Information System / newly named of Teknoritma Software Services LTD) of Hospital Management Systems between 2010 and 2012.

Some of the important projects are in listed below:
Purchase & Personnel Department

  • Purchase Module for Hospitals

  • Personnel control application for Hospitals

  • Hospital Purchase Advanced Logging System

  • Medical Department

  • Hospital Report Management, Registration Reception, Policlinic, Personnel, Registration Reception with Card system and LCD Integrations modules.

It was a great experience with digital touch screens to create an automatic registration of a patient with just a swipe of their card. Which improves his expertise with using card reader and tcp listener connection development. Also, because of Mr. Isin Kaan Torun’s performance he was able to switch into a research and development department for Business Intelligence for hospitals. He was able to have great experience with Microsoft and some Java Script base experience and working with large Data Werehouses.
Some of the important projects of this department are in below:


  • Business Intelligence for Hospitals - Developing Cubes, AS and IS (newly named Microsoft Power BI)

  • Developing dashboards for hospitals

  • Creating new policlinic and registration reception Modules

  • Converting Laboratory Management Module with using EXT.JS


Mr. Isin Kaan Torun joined the department of Cash Management and Money Transfers Application Development Directorate at Vakifbank which is the fifth largest bank in Turkey for a huge IT transformation. Vakıfbank's VIT (Vakifbank Innovative Transformation) program was a giant program with approximately 90000 man days of effort. This program has been a unique experience for him. Within this program, Mr. Isin Kaan Torun have been involved to migration for one of the biggest core banking system’s modules which is Payment Systems. He was able to analyze, develop and test a large payment system which integrated more than 500 Payment Companies who serves billions of customers of Vakıfbank. According to the payment system, his department is serving also other channels which are Branches, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Call Center and also Open Banking companies


In addition to this, Mr. Isin Kaan Torun has developped a school payment system with an installement plan for customers. This system allows customers to pay such as Education, Food and Student Transportation, which will be paid periodically by the parents of the students, are collected from their accounts and transferred to the school accounts automatically. This system provides without any delays, payments of a student of school installments are guaranteed to be paid.


Beside this, Mr. Kaan Torun become a team leader on his current department and started to plan time lines for new projects, analyze, understand and calculate efforts to produce a product for business units needs, attend the necessary meetings to make improvements of working environment for developers and analysts, Analyzing and planning the current environment improvements (performance, UI quality…etc) to make the current system better.

With this experience up his sleeve, Mr. Isin Kaan torun willing himself to a position as a Software Engineer Consultant for the next step in his career. I am now in the works of creating my expertise into reality in the form of a new limited company that calls DigitEdge Limited.